About Transition Oxford

In September 2007, Jo Hamilton and Mim Saxl brought together a group of people to talk about a Transition Towns initiative for Oxford.  A sub-set of that group began to work together in the following months and began activities with a series of gatherings and meetings to explore the Transition Towns concept in an Oxford context. This group is the Transition Oxford Seed Group.  Current members (March 2009) are:

Steve Gerrish
Jo Hamilton
Laurie Michaelis
Fiona Mullins

The Seed Group set itself the following objectives:

  1. To inspire and support new individuals and new groups towards action – everyone is needed.
  2. To facilitate co-ordination between action groups, both new and existing.
  3. To value all that is being done by others already in Oxford and avoid duplication.
  4. To catalyse and oversee the formation of an Energy Descent Action Plan.
  5. To disband when we are no longer needed, and let it go where it wants to go.

A gathering in November 2008 triggered the formation of an energy descent action plan co-ordinating group (the TOP group), a significant event at the beginning of this transition for Oxford.